Shapiro, Shapiro, Shapiro and Shapiro

‘Pardon me, m’lord,’ said Beach. ‘A Mr Wapshott is on the telephone, desirous of speaking to you. He implied that the matter was of importance–’

Lord Vosper came out of his trance.


‘Yes, m’lord. He stated that he represented the firm of Wapshott, Wapshott, Wapshott and Wapshott.’

‘Reminds me,’ said Gally, who never let an opportunity like this pass, ‘of the story of the chap in New York who rang up the legal firm of Shapiro, Shapiro, Shapiro, and Shapiro. “Hello,” he says, “can I speak to Mr Shapiro?” “Mr Shapiro is in court.” “Then I’ll talk to Mr Shapiro.” “Mr Shapiro is in conference with an important client.” “Then connect me with Mr Shapiro.” “I’m sorry, but Mr Shapiro has taken the day off to play golf.” “Oh, all right, then I’ll talk to Mr Shapiro.” “Speaking.

– P. G. Wodehouse, Pigs Have Wings

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Based loosely on the bestselling novella of the same name